“If I take death into my life, acknowledge it, and face it squarely, I will free myself from the anxiety of death and the pettiness of life - and only then will I be free to become myself.”
— This is you.  (via mabbh)

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“If we grew our own food, we wouldn’t waste a third of it as we do today. If we made our own tables and chairs, we wouldn’t throw them out the moment we changed the interior decor. If we had to clean our own drinking water, we probably wouldn’t contaminate it.”

Mark Boyle (via lostinamerica)

These are powerful words.

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“An unfamiliar city is a fine thing. That’s the time and place when you can suppose that all the people you meet are nice. It’s dream time.”
— Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Journey to the End of the Night (via merrymayhem)

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smack that ass from 8 feet away


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“My father used to say that life is like a laboratory in which people’s true characters are tested. He believed that the greater the person, the greater the tests they faced.”
— Rooftops of Tehran, Mahbod Seraji (via therosebell)

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